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When the temperature rises and pool weather becomes the norm, people, pets and dogs alike take to the water. No matter how much a dog loves water, pet parents should err on the side of caution and take all the steps possible to keep their dog from danger in the pool.


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In order to know that their dog is safe, pet parents need to know where they are. A fence will keep pets, children and wildlife away from your pool. Even if your dog is a swimmer, having a pool fence prevents any unsupervised pool play, lowering the risk of drowning. Sectioning off the area around your pool is a safe bet when it comes to keeping an eye on your family pets.


There are several varieties of pet fences that can fit in with your pool landscaping. No matter what design you choose knowing that your pet is safe will increase its value. Depending on the fence design and material, you will need to do regular maintenance on your fence. Small pets and animals can slip through openings. To prevent your dog or groundhogs from digging under the fence install it at least three feet into the ground.


guardian pet fences

With this feature in place, your pool will remain safe. But no amount of safety precautions are as important as keeping an eye on your pets to ensure their safety.